Has having a website has been problematic for you?

Bad experiences are not rare when trying to create and maintain a website.

  • Very specific vocabulary is used, leading to miscommunication (e.g. client with webmaster)
  • You stumbled over a few programming acronyms and technological notions (FTP, HTML, CSS, PHP,...)
  • It progressively consumes more time and resources to make small changes which leads to increased frustration.
  • Maintaining a site can often cost more than its creation.

What SimDif can do for you ?

  • We have removed all possible technical terms and explained those you really have to understand to make the right choices. (e.g. domain names) 
  • You won't have to write any code to edit your site.
  • You can very easily make modifications to your site, wherever and whenever you want.
  • You know what you will spend on your site and when. There are no surprises.

Now, you may choose to hire a professional to give you a hand on special projects and requirements.

In the process of creating and maintaining a good site, we all need help sometimes. Whether that be someone to check spelling, translate, take photos, make illustrations or do some graphic design for a logo etc...
It can all be done by the person best suited for the job.

Thanks to SimpleDifferent, you can welcome contributors, without loosing control.

Simplicity is a tool to ensure that the best person is doing the job. Ease of use is not only a way to go faster, it is also a way to do things better.

You can increase the quality of your site by choosing the right contributors: They don't need to be webmasters to choose the right picture or translate your site in Spanish.

Why this is important to us

At the core of SimDif is the idea that we are building a tool that we will actually use as web professionals. Ease of use is not just a marketing tag line but our philosophy. It is the key to empower you to take control of your own website.

Before creating SimpleDifferent, we've met many clients that have had a terrible relationship with their website. We witness so much anger and frustration at the whole experience. Our first motivation is to provide a different, more productive and better way of working together.

Raw simplicity in a website creation tool is a big part of the solution.

SimDif has been designed to give you control back.


If you want to see this equation from a webmaster's perspective
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Seriously, SimDif is so simple that you are wasting your time reading this when you could be learning by doing. 
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