People are not all equal before computers.

The creators of web sites may come from very different backgrounds. 

Your domain of expertise may not be in web design or writing code. We feel that your level of familiarity with technology should not be a barrier to sharing and promoting what you want, with your own words.

What is your experience in website creation?

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 . You see yourself as a newbie to web design

And you don't quite know how to start. Good news! SimpleDifferent was built from the ground up to make this first experience as simple and pleasurable as possible. [more..]


 . You have had a frustrating experience with website creation. 

Maybe you tried to build a website yourself or maybe you hired a professional but you became dissatisfied with the lack of control, communication or simply the price. [more..]

 . You already have a nice website. 

A big website often becomes less flexible and less able to satisfy more immediate needs. When code and intermediaries disappear, you can easily and quickly create a site dedicated to a commercial offer or special event. This is also a way to complement your main site. [more..]

 . You are a lazy and clever professional webmaster.

The ideal contract would be when the client already has a fair idea of what it takes to create a site and understands the relevance of your contribution. Why can't he be happy to make the numerous small updates himself? Is that just a dream? [more..]

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