Are you building your first site? We welcome you!

You have never made a website but you know you need one.

You already know what you want to talk about. 

You know the people you want to talk to.

SimpleDifferent is here to help. Organize what you have to say and present your ideas on the World Wide Web in a clear and efficient manner. Your readers and Google will thank you.

Here we present you with an idiot proof and pleasant way to create a very legible site to answer the questions of your visitors.

With SimpleDifferent, it has become easy to produce and publish a professional site for yourself, your company or a client. 

Do you want to save money?

• The first motivation in creating a site by yourself is that funds are often not available to invest in an design firm or expensive software. We understand. 

• You might also realize that making a site yourself gives you an opportunity to really think about your activity. Creating your site is an invaluable way to gain a better understanding of not only your needs, but more importantly what your clients need.

• Creating your site will give you a better idea of what you are working towards. This experience will empower you to only hire who you need. For example, hiring a graphic designer or photographer for illustrations that you may not be able to make yourself. SimpleDifferent's ease of use makes it easy to enjoy other's contributions.

Have you been discouraged from creating a site yourself?

Maybe you have tried other similar services aimed at ease of use and simplicity. Did you still find the vocabulary used and the all process far more complex than you were willing to learn? SimpleDifferent has been designed from scratch, for you.

We did all this because we believe that you are the best person to take care of your readers / clients. 

The vast majority of small business are looking for a way to present their activities on the web. It is becoming a necessity to have a presence on the web.

But who is the right person to create the website to present your activity?

  1. This person has to know the product, the service, the language, the clients… This person is often already in the company...
  2. Most of the time the right person knows nothing about web design, code, SEO or any of these complicated terms. However if it is easy and fun, this person can find the motivation to learn about them.
  3. This person must be available to update the site quickly when you see fit.

SimDif aims to empower the right person... You!


You would learn more by doing than by reading this site!

You may be surprised to learn just how easy SimpleDifferent is.

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You can also browse real life examples of sites made with SimpleDifferent. Here is a selection made by non-professional, non-technical "normal people"

Samples Site : click here to go to the inspiration site