We conceived SimDif to allow people with very little computer experience to actually present their activities on the Internet. SimDif is not here to give you a headache, waist your time or take advantage of you.

No code. 

You can make a website without knowing any programing language, for example, PHP, HTML, XHTML, JS, AJAX. We keep all the fancy acronyms on our side of the equation… so you can forget about them. SimDif is a solution to create websites without using any programing at all.

No installation.

You can edit your account from any computer that is connected to the Internet. This could be from home, or from an Internet cafe in the middle of the Gobi desert!

We do our best to keep 100 % compatibility with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera... 

And also your iPad and iPhone, or any Android device with full browser can be nice tools to playfully edit your site.

No special technical knowledge

We banish technical words wherever possible because we believe that your grandmother or your 7 year old son should be able to use and understand SimpleDifferent. 

No waste of space and resources.

This is a way to be more efficient in the server's management. We actually delete inactive accounts where most of our concurrents are happy to keep old accounts open so that they can send you more advertisements and show off empty numbers.

No hidden price 

"Free" is too often just a clever introduction to numerous "affordable" options.

Here, Free is free, just publish your site at least every 21 days.

Pro is 59 dollars for a yearwith all options and updates, throughout the life or your site.


No Spamming

No reselling you address, no commercial partners to annoy you.

No spam from us either, we only send what we believe to be useful information to help you create and organize your site.

No Flash

We agree that Flash looks good but by 2015 most the majority of Internet use will be done for smart phones and other mobile devices. Flash is not compatible with many of these devices. This means that your SimpleDifferent site will always look good on mobile devices.

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