What about the price of a SimDif site?

What you can have for free: the Starter site

  • Up to 7 free Starter sites on your SimpleDifferent account
  • Free hosting (and it is a very good quality hosting)
  • Free access to our web design tool (SimpleDifferent itself) and all its updates.
  • Free domain name of the type yourfreename.simdif.com
  • You have 7 pages, you'll see it is enough in most cases. You can organize your text and your pictures, choose free pictures from Flickr and insert Google maps...
  • Have a contact page, hiding your email address to avoid spamming and empowering your readers to answer you easily.
  • Install a way for your readers to easily share your pages with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks.

All this provided for you as long as you publish your site at least every 21 days. 
Free websites are often left uncared for and forgotten by their owners.
To keep the cost down and efficiency up, we give priority to your active website(s).

This is one of the reasons free Starter sites can be upgraded to Pro sites at such a low cost.

What you have for 59 dollars / year: the Pro site

  • Up to 21 pages per site hosted for 1 full year. 
  • Use an external domain name with your SimDif site. (e.g. yourdomain.com)
  • Get detailed statistics on the traffic to your website by linking Google Analytics to your pages.
  • Adjust every detail of your site's appearance thanks to our unique ThemeDesigner.
  • Duplicate your site for translation. This new site is also Pro and linked by flags. The first year is free.
  • Integrate Paypal buttons to sell items or collect donations.
  • Download the files that your site is comprised of. 
  • Enjoy automatic updates of SimDif and get instant access to all future improvements and additions. 

Find this button at the bottom of your editor to upgrade to Pro.

Upgrade to Pro.

All you need to do is find the "upgrade to Pro" button at the bottom of your SimDif editor and follow the directions to pay through Paypal's secured service. 

You might have found one the best values to create your site.

We continuously work to make our website creation tool as simple as possible.

Sign up now for a Starter account. Upgrade to Pro anytime. 

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