You are a lazy and clever professional webmaster

Moving from code towards content.

The importance of being able to focus on the content:

  • As webmasters we are used to spending most of our time in the code, we may like it or we may not...We are not as used to spending our time with the client and even less with the client of our client, the readers of the site.
  • We have also come to know that it is the attention put into the preparation and the conception of the content that will ultimately build the base of a successful website.
  • As we mature in our job, we realize that the most important thing is spending time to understand the reader's needs. The client should also be made to understand this.
  • Understanding the questions of the visitor, his language and his expectations should eventually shape the way the pages are organized as well as the content and layout.
  • But do we really have time for all this?       We should.

The simplest solution is often the best solution

The hidden qualities of an especially simple CMS:

We know well that during the creation of even small (but important) presentation websites, small changes and tweaks will constantly be requested by the client. Sometimes these tweaks will serve the reader's best interest, others not. However these small modifications often

weigh heavily on the relationship between the webmaster and the client. 

A client will be happiest when they can perform these modifications themselves.

A clear and quick CMS is a tool for you to build 2 or 3 versions in no time.

.... and test them! You probably know how important this exercise is and how much money big companies spend to conduct these kinds of tests.

An idiot proof CMS is also a nice way to empower those who have not learned the necessary web technologies. It is these people who are often the best people to conceive the content.

You can welcome and organize the work of editors, graphic designers, translators, SEO experts, photographers or anyone else that can productively contribute to your site.

Utilize the best talent you can find.

A client who can make updates himself will learn by experience what it takes to make a website. You will start to speak the same language, asking common questions on how to improve the relationship with the reader. An empowered patron is more inclined to understand where your collaboration is valuable.

Is it not better to bill for what you really do best?

Google is a special reader

Building a website today is about taking care of all the relevant readers, including Google, Bing and Yahoo...

Organic Search Engine Optimization is facilitated with a tool that gives direct access to the text and its organization:

  • Page titles are H1, the title in blocks are H2.
  • You have access to all meta data for each page.
  • You can edit the name of all files.
  • You can easily link a Pro site to Google analytics.
  • The published site is flat clean HTML.
  • Your site automatically includes a Sitemap.