We don't try to have the bigger list of functions.

We made SimDif for those who were not born with a computer on their lap. This tool was conceived for people who are not particularly comfortable with technology but still need a clearly organized and well structured website.

We aim to provide inexperienced computer users, new comers and techno-phobics alike, an easy and pleasant way to present their activities on the web.

Purposeful limitations of the SimDif software.

With SimpleDifferent, it becomes very easy to create a site that is easy not only for readers to understand, but also for search engines to index.

SimpDif invites you to create a clear and well structured website at every step along the way.

The simplicity of SimDif means that it is easy for users with little or no experience to have a well organized site without having to learn complex code.

  • Clear tabs on the left mean the your site will always be easy to navigate. Regardless of the page the reader is on, he will always know where he is and what his choices are.
  • Clearly defined blocks of text with pictures and titles invite you to talk about one subject at a time. A good option for your modern visitors who rush through pages without really reading.