You already have a site and you are happy with it.

SimDif could be the perfect way to supplement your existing site.

Often, a nice way to promote your activity is to create a satellite site dedicated to a single subject or an event:

  • Announce and organize a regular or one time event (party, conference, meeting,...)
  • Display photos from a particularly special event. 
  • Give regular updates on a subject when it would be too long or to expensive to do on your main website. 
  • Provide your readers with information about new features while they are new, without changing your actual website multiple times.

SimDif is a nice way to quickly create and gain control of your own content without having to go through a long and costly process. 

Advertise and promote your activity in a new way, create simple, relevant websites when and how you see fit. Here is a tool that strips away all technological language and allows you to focus on content. Take advantage of it!

Bonus :

Linking your supplementary SimDif website(s) to your existing main site, 

gives you an added edge in Google referencing!

Is your site mobile compatible?
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