Mobile devices are taking over the Internet

The SimDif App to edit your website on iPads and iPhones

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Website Builder for Android on Google Play

The Internet is now accessed more from mobile devices than from computers, and so it is important for your site to be mobile accessible.

All sites created with SimDif are naturally optimized for mobile browsing and don't require any special action on your part.

Not only is SimDif a great tool to create sites for iPhones and iPads, You are now able to create, edit and maintain your SimDif sites on the go!

SimDif is the first easy Website builder for iPad and iPhone.

SimDif can also build websites on Android tablets and phones.

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A SimDif site as it appears on an iPad

Browsing SimDif sites on an iPad, iPhone or Android phone or tablet helps you understand how the big fonts, large tabs and clear blocks make your readers feel very comfortable when using your site on a mobile device.

How do SimDif sites look on mobile devices?

Well if we do say so ourselves,

great and fun!

Look at the very page you are reading on an iPad =>